Five games that can be played in a pool

Five games that can be played in a pool

There is no better place to cool off during the summer heat and spend time with family and friends than a pool. Regardless of size, there are so many fun activities that can be done in a pool.  Let´s take a look at five games that can be played in a pool.

Water polo

But of course you play water polo in a pool!  This is a must if you have a large pool on your backyard.  This is actually an Olympic game and can be played by everyone. There are usually seven players on every team. Of course, you can vary the number of players per team based on the number of players and size of your pool. With a goal on either side of the pool, players invade opposing team’s area to score as many goals as possible. The game might get a little rough so make sure people around the same age are participating.

Bobbing heads

One player is ‘IT’ in this game. The rest of the players are at on one end of the pool.  Players are bobbing in and out of the water.  The player who is ‘IT’ will try to hit the others with a rubber ball or something similar, but without crossing a midline. If he manages to hit one of the players, that person now becomes ‘IT’.

Relay Race

A swimming race but with relays. Winners take it all!

Water hoops

This is a very popular game and usually a must in any pool party.  If you have two floating inflatable hoops, place them at opposite ends of the pool.  It is a good idea to establish a five-second-holding-the-ball rule.

Marco Polo

Another very popular pool game.  One player becomes Marco and is blindfolded.  Whenever he shouts “Marco” all the players shout “Polo”.  Guided by their voices, “Marco” will try to tag the other players, who will try to run away from him to avoid being tagged.   


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