Tokyo’s new stadium

Tokyo’s new stadium

When it comes to the Olympics it seems like every country is trying to be better than the previous one.
Of course we are talking about the organization of the event, the expenses, luxury and everything that comes along. It’s not only about the games, it’s about the presentation and obviously every country wants to be famous for its effort and the money they spent.
Japan is obviously getting ready for the 2020 Summer Olympics, because their national stadium will cost more than 1.3 billion pounds and it will probably be done two months later than they first planned.

This should not be a rumor, but a real news since officials confirmed that few days ago. This spectacular stadium will replace the venue that was built in 1964 for the Olympics.
Hakubun Shimomura who is the education minister said that Japan will try to stick with the basic design and that they will do it with the help of an architect Zaha Hadid. He also added that construction costs will be around 252 billion yen, which is around 1.3 billion pounds.

Hakubun also said that the construction will begin this year in October and that he assumes that it will end in 2019, probably in May.
In the beginning they planned to start with building in August but they obviously postponed it. Of course they don’t think that postponing this will ruin their plans when it comes to the Olympics and the Rugby World Cup which they will also host.
They are planning to make a big change in the design, and that’s why it will take a lot of time to finish everything.

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